About Catalyst Aus.

Catalyst Aus. provides clients specialist, facilitated soft skills based training programs that are carefully designed to enable individuals and teams to improve resilience, teamwork, leadership and become a high performance culture. The training has been developed from the skills, knowledge and experience gained from 20 years of military experience, where mission success is critical, in harsh and often stressful environments. Catalyst Aus. intent is to provide clients with simple and highly effective skills that enable the client to generate effective solutions, to improve individual and team performance, in order to achieve their full potential. 


Work closely with our clients to identify where their team can improve, provide them the skills and strategies to do so, enabling the team to take positive action in order to reach their full potential.

Our values : Integrity - Excellence - Positive Change - Discipline - Respect - Development.

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Owen Batty
Founder and Lead Facilitator

A 20 Year Veteran of the Royal Australian Air Force, I trained and served as an Airfield Defence Guard (ADG) and as a Physical Training Instructor (PTI). I've been posted to various locations across Australia and deployed on operations several times. I have been employed in various leadership roles for in excess of 15 years, from ADG section 2IC, an NCO PTI at No.1 Recruit Training Unit (1RTU) to a RAAF PTI section commander. These roles included (but were not limited to) planning, preparing and executing combat tasks, training, mentoring and developing Air Force recruits to managing an operational Gym for over 500 people in the Middle East area of operations.


I started Catalyst Aus. to pass on the skills, knowledge and experiences I have obtained during my service in the Air Force, to help others who are driven to continually develop themselves and reach their full potential. More importantly realise that being our best cannot be done alone.

The training available to clients provides skills to develop:

- Resilience within individuals and teams,

- Improve team cohesion,

- Goals based outcomes,

- Achieve continual improvement through professional and personal development,

- Shift thinking to enable a high performance culture, and

- Achieve success and reach maximum potential.

Qualifications include (not limited to):

- Certificate III in Business (Frontline Management),

- Air Force Resilience Training Facilitator,

- Certificate IV in Work Health Safety,

- Wellness Coaching Australia Level 1 Wellness Coach,

- Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach,

- Certificate III in Government,

- Certificate IV in Training & Assessment,

- Technical Lifting Coach, and

- Air Force Training & Development.

What separates Catalyst Aus. from it's competition? Our training packages are completely adaptable according to the clients needs. The training programs available provide practical and classroom based training that reinforces training objectives and relates to the clients needs. Training programs are suitable for all teams, from schools, businesses, government organisations to sporting teams. Catalyst Aus. collaborates closely with clients to identify where they believe improvement is needed, relating the training to those needs to ensure maximum benefits are achieved for the client. 

If your team wants to take performance to the next level, Catalyst Aus. are here to help you.

You get what you tolerate, mediocrity is a choice.